VIDEO: Supersmart Ape Lights A Fire And Toasts Marshmallows On It

Ape Marshmallow

Judging by this video it might not be too long until apes take over the world.

Kanzi has been well known as a supersmart ape for some time now, having already appeared on The Oprah Winfrey show using icon like symbols to express himself to humans, but his latest party tricks really exemplify just how smart he’s become.

He was filmed for a recent episode of Monkey Planet making and lighting a fire with matches and then toasting a marshmallow on said fire, which is just mindblowing when you think that most humans probably wouldn’t be able to start a fire as well as this guy. Apparently he can flip burgers too, although this wasn’t included in the video unfortunately.

Basically, we need to watch out because it isn’t going to be too long until Rise Of The Apes is a reality.

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