Antivirus Tycoon John McAfee Has Been Arrested In Spain For Tax Evasion

They got him.

There’s absolutely no question that John McAfee is one of the more controversial and just plain weird tech entrepreneurs out there, especially after he’s spent the last couple of years sailing around on his boat in an attempt to avoid US authorities who have been trying to arrest him for tax evasion. And that’s not even mentioning all the shit that went down in Guatemala and Belize after Gregory Faull – one of McAfee’s neighbours – was found dead at one of his residences.

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Anyway, McAfee’s life on the run seems to be over as of today, as it’s being reported that he was arrested in Spain as he attempted to board a flight from Barcelona to Istanbul and is going to be indicted on fraud charges in the USA. These particular charges include tax evasion and wilfully failing to file tax returns, as well as allegedly being paid over $23 million to recommend several different cryptocurreniceis via his Twitter account and not declaring these payments either.

All in all, it doesn’t look that good for McAfee in the foreseeable future as he’s previously uploaded a video onto his Twitter account where he admits that he hasn’t paid taxes for eight years and dares the IRS to come and find him in order to bring him to justice:

Yeah, can’t really see that playing too well for him in court. There’s also the matter of the $25 million that he was ordered to pay in compensation to Faull’s family by an Orlando Court, which he again took to Twitter to explain that he would never be paying:

That’s not going to help him either really is it? Can’t believe the guy even had the audacity to try and catch a plane when there’s pretty much an international manhunt after him, but I guess that’s John McAfee and it’s his world and we’re all just living in it. Except he’s going to be living the rest of his days in prison very shortly. Adios.

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