An Antique Bottle Of Buckfast Has Been Sold For £10,000 on eBay To A Guy Who Was Drunk On Buckfast

Antique Buckfast

We all know that Scottish people love Buckfast and love getting absolutely wrecked off the stuff, but I don’t think any of us thought that any one of them loved it so much that they would spend £10,000 on a bottle of the stuff.

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This seems to be what’s happened though after a guy called Jonathan Porter discovered a pre WW2 bottle of the stuff when he was clearing out his parent’s house. He decided to put it on eBay and the price skyrocketed from there.

Here’s what Jonathan had to say about it all:

My grandparents owned an off -licence on Duke Street in Glasgow before the Second World War.

No shit – it looks pretty old dude I think you could have hazarded a guess.

Anyway, it seems like the Buckfast was getting sold for about £800 until yesterday when some dude called Tam – who was apparently under the influence of Buckfast – drunkenly decided to spend £10,000 on securing it. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like he actually has enough money to pay for it, so he’s set up a Crowdfunding site to help try and secure it for him from the public. It’s currently raised £0.

This whole thing does seem a bit fishy to me and kinda reeks of a promo stunt as Buckfast themselves have a video interview with the guy on their Facebook page and are pledging to donate any money over the £10,000 raised to charity. I mean fair play, but why don’t they just give all the money to charity instead of to Jonathan Porter? Big question, right?

Congratulations to Tamtam New Wilson & Hammy Harris for winning the antique bottle of Bucky for £10,000!!!

Congratulations to Tamtam New Wilson & Hammy Harris for winning the antique bottle of Bucky for £10,000!!! This is what happens when you eBay while drinking Bucky

Posted by Buckfast Tonic Wine on Thursday, 17 January 2019

That video is pretty believable though to be fair, so if it is a joke then fair play to Buckfast for pulling out all the stops and making this look about right, although it’s kinda suspicious that they got there so quickly to interview this Tam dude. Something just doesn’t seem right about it hey? It’s weird.

For more Buckfast, check out this story about a guy getting so wasted on Buckfast he ended doing something he absolutely 100% regretted. Awful.


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