ANTIFA’s ‘Autonomous Zone’ In Seattle Has Turned Into A Total Disaster In Less Than One Week



I don’t know if you’ve heard, but over in Seattle on Capitol Hill, an “autonomous zone” where no laws exist and police are being kept out has been set up and is being controlled by protesters:

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These protesters and ANTIFA-types have been camping out all week setting up this police-free zone called the ‘CHAZ’ – Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. The idea is that they’re setting up their own society and will be entirely self-sufficient with no need for government or police.

One resident told The Seattle Times:

We’re trying to take our community back so we can live without a massive police force patrolling the streets.

Turns out these freaks and weirdos who make up the modern-day ANTIFA aren’t too great at this whole self-governing thing, and the whole experiment has descended into a complete disaster within just a few days, despite their promise of ‘free food’ for everyone  and the community looking out for each other:

They can’t even figure out how to farm their own food – lol:

Like I said, ‘free food’ is offered in CHAZ. Or at least it was, until a bunch of people stole it all for themselves. Who could have seen that one coming?

This ‘Anarchomastia’ person has gone Private on Twitter, but isn’t it funny that a self-described anarchist who wants to destroy capitalism and civilisation also has their Cashapp in their Twitter bio? You know just in case other people are feeling generous:

So yeah, this experiment has basically turned into the Lord of the Flies even faster than any of us could have predicted. They’ve even got a Soundcloud rapper named Raz Simone running things because he’s the one guy there who owns an AK47 and so everyone is terrified of him. He’s already been threatening and beating people up:

Yikes. Someone call the police! Oh wait…

So the problem with these dipshits is that they can’t even get along and agree on their own ideology even though they all appear to want to live in this autonomous zone where there’s no police or government or anyone to maintain any sort of order except themselves. If it’s this bad already, how much worse is it going to get until they concede a self-sustaining anarchist society has no realistic hope of working?

Amazingly, the Mayor of Seattle is acting like this isn’t even happening.:

What a disaster. I guess the only way they’ll realise what a bad idea this was is to just let it continue until its inevitable self-destruction. Doesn’t look like that will take too long.

To watch a Trump supporter and ANTIFA member get into a terrifying screaming match that basically sums up the state of American politics in 2020, click HERE. Lunatics everywhere.



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