Antifa Activist Brags About Suing His Landlord For Demanding Rent – Turns Out Its His Grandma


There’s a whole narrative based around the fact that landlords are for the most part terrible and treat their tenants like absolute shit and whilst for the most part this is undeniably true, there are some stories that need to be fleshed out a bit like this one.

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We’re over in Oregon for this one where a 22 year old Antifa activist named Josh Goodrich was going viral over the weekend after bragging on Twitter about suing his landlord for tracking his Coronavirus stimulus cheque and demanding that he used it to pay rent. Whilst you might think that this may be fair enough given the current circumstances – even admirable at a push – when you discover that his landlord and tax preparer was actually his grandma. Lol.

Following the revelations, he claimed that there was no relationship between the pair other than a tenant/landlord one and that he would be pushing forward with the legal case against his grandma to draw attention to IRS vulnerabilities. You can read his full statement below:

Also love how he changed his name to the fact he was suing his landlord and not his grandma. Lol.

Obviously there’s loads of stuff that we don’t actually know about this story, but the implication is that this guy is getting a cheap rent deal off his grandma – who is also doing his taxes, probably for a discounted rate as well – and she was merely asking if he was gonna use some of his stimulus cheque to pay some rent for once. Being a massive leftist snowflake though, he thought the correct response to this perfectly reasonable question was to take her to court and sue her. I guess we were all angry when we were young, right?

I’m not sure if this is the same in America, but I also imagine if you’ve designated someone to do your taxes then they would have already been granted access to your account so would be able to check if the stimulus cheque went in. I don’t think that’s a breach of privacy, it sounds like Austin’s own dumb fault for giving his grandma access and doing his taxes for him in the first place.

Again, this is all conjecture and the truth could be way more jumbled, but it fits the narrative well doesn’t it? A lot of the time these things aren’t more complicated than they need to be.

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