Anti Vaxxers Are Now Pretending To Be Vegan To Avoid Vaccine Regulations In Workplace

It’s well known that amongst certain groups vegans are one of the most hated cross sections of society, but I didn’t think that anti vaxxers would be able to justify for their decision not to get jabbed by pretending to be vegan, here we are though. Just doubling down on most of the population thinking that they’re actually dickheads.

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A Twitter thread from The Telegraph has revealed that companies technically can’t force their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine if they’re vegan as it has been tested on animals – a legal requirement in the UK and other countries – and as such some ethical vegans might refuse to receive it. Vegan beliefs are protected by employment law, ergo companies won’t be able to say they they require vegans to be fully vaccinated before they return to the office/work.

At the moment in the UK only a few companies are requiring that staff be double vaccinated before returning to the office but this number is expected to rise in the coming weeks and months. So obviously a bunch of anti vaxxers are now claiming that they’re vegan in order to try and get around this stipulation, led by the inimitable Laurence Fox obviously:

It’s quite funny to think that anti vaxxers might actually go around looking like hip, trendy vegans in order to get out of getting the jab, but I imagine most of them are just being sarcastic and when push comes to shove they won’t actually go through with this. In fact, most of the real vegan community have pushed back against this narrative and encouraged people to get vaccinated, so it seems like if anti vaxxers are really going to pull that card they’re probably going to get called out by the majority of vegans out there.

What a mess hey? Don’t think any of this is really helping anyone, but it’s happening so I suppose that’s important to document. What a stupid world we live in.

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