Anti Mask Protesters Have Stormed A Los Angeles Mall

Here we go again.

With a third national lockdown beginning today, it seems inevitable that we’re going to see a whole bunch more videos of people protesting against masks and lockdowns over the coming weeks/months and here’s the first one of the new cycle, coming from the Westfield Century Mall in Los Angeles this past Sunday.

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This ‘organised’ protest featured a whole cast of characters storming the mall, shouting at shoppers and store owners/workers through megaphones and berating them for wearing masks, as well as claiming that the virus was a hoax and it was all about control. The group live streamed the whole thing through various social media channels, so there’s quite a lot of surprisingly high quality footage you can check out below of hysterical people screaming at each other about their personal liberties and freedoms and also calling each other pussies.

I suppose you can argue that it’s kind of entertaining if it wasn’t so grim?

Yeah, again I don’t really think that people acting like this without any regard for others are really helping the situation, but it looks like they’re here to stay and the situation is almost certainly going to get worse/more ridiculous in the coming weeks. Fun.

Here’s what mall worker Jonathan Carbrera told ABC7 about the protests:

We see the protesters with the megaphones saying, ‘no masks’. ‘Take off the masks’. ‘Open back up L.A.’ ‘All lives matter’.

I’ve had a few guests come in that say ‘I really don’t want to wear this’, but we always encourage them for your safety, our safety, please wear your mask when you’re shopping in our store.

Yeah, again I would encourage you to listen to what the store workers think about the situation and scientists who have spent their whole lives studying these kinds of organisms before thinking that running around without a mask and protesting against them is a good idea. Is it really so hard to wear one for a few minutes when you go inside a store?

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