These New Anti-Earthquake Beds Are The Absolute Worst

I would rather die in an earthquake than sleep in one of these things.

It’s a good thing I don’t need to worry about earthquakes where I live, but even if I did I don’t think I would want to sleep in one of these anti-earthquake beds.

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The idea was patented in 2010 by a designer named Wang Wenxi who has been developing it ever since. Basically, when the bed detects the rumblings of an earthquake, it very suddenly and automatically encases you in a terrifying metal coffin and you’re basically stuck in there forever (with loads of bottles of water, and no toilet).

Watch below:

Anyone who’s claustrophobic or ever had a phobia of being buried alive will want to avoid these anti-earthquake beds at all costs. Just the idea of being holed up in one of these things is enough to give me an anxiety attack, and now they want me to pay for it to actually happen? No thanks. And what if the bed gets it wrong? What if it thinks it felt an earthquake but didn’t? You end up sleeping in a metal coffin and crapping your pants anyway. And what’s with all that food and water buried underneath? How do you even get to it? How long are you meant to be trapped inside there? What if there’s a fire and you burn to death? Too many questions, just let me die in an earthquake instead.

Loving the music though.

P.S. Speaking of anxiety attacks, these photos of a woman nearly drowning in her car will give you them in spades.


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