Here’s Another One Of The Weirdest TikToks Of All Time

It looks like you have a key on the glass.

It seems like every single day now I’m writing about another weird/lame TikTok on this site, so it makes sense to kick off the month of August with one of the strangest ones I’ve seen so far.

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With this one I literally have no idea why the guy making it has decided to do so, or how he can even say with a straight face that this is what a lot of people are doing at the moment. It’s so short and to the point and the guy seems to think what he’s doing is completely normal that you can’t help but be baffled and laugh your ass off at it.

I think I must have watched it five times and I still can’t figure out what the point of it is:

Literally laugh even more every time I watch that. What the fuck is he talking about?

Just why would anyone ever want to make it look like there was a key on the window of the car? I just can’t fathom why anyone would ever want to do that, much less ‘a lot of people’? Do you have any ideas?

Thankfully, the internet pretty much felt the same as me with some of these replies to the guy:

Why does anyone need to look like they have a key on the glass? Please someone out there answer me?

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