Watch This Student Snapchat His Teacher Getting Totally Shut Down Hitting On A Co-Worker

Teacher Rejected By Coworker Featured

What’s worse than getting rejected by the opposite sex? Having it broadcast to the entire world.

There’s nothing worse really than getting rejected by a member of the opposite sex, is there?

Oh wait, yeah, there is – having your rejection being filmed and broadcast to the entire world, kind of like that episode of The Simpsons were Bart manages to pinpoint the exact moment that Ralph Wiggum’s heart breaks after he’s been shouted at by Lisa.

Oh come on, you must know that one:

Neat huh? It’s good to know that Bart’s lessons haven’t been lost on the younger generation, as this one kid thought it would be a great idea to Snapchat his teacher putting the moves on another teacher and subsequently getting rejected.

And he was right because it’s awesome. Check out how it goes down for him in the slideshow below.

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