American TV Show Contestant Has The Most Annoying Voice Ever, Sends The Internet Into Meltdown

There’s no way this is her real voice, is there?!

American game show ‘Jeopardy!’ was trending on Twitter this week after it featured a contestant by the name of Laura Ashby, who happens to have one of the most ridiculous-sounding voices of all time. As you’re about to hear, she inflects up a the end of all of her sentences so that everything she says sounds like it might be a question.

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Have a listen:

Standard Twitter reaction:

She ended up winning $36,802 over 2 days, which I guess is a solid consolation for having the entire Internet rip the piss out of you for a few days.

Still, I really think Laura should be given a lifetime ban from appearing on TV ever again. I don’t know if it’s her real voice or if she was doing it to mind-fuck her opponents but there’s some things my ears can just do without and Laura’s voice is one of them. It can’t be how she actually talks, can it?

In fact I’ve got a better idea — get rid of the CIA torture playlist and just have terrorists listen to Laura on repeat 24/7. Would make an A+ torture method.


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