Kyle Walker’s Wife Annie Is Furious With Rebekah Vardy For Mocking Her Over Man City Star’s Flashing Shame

Here we go again.

Looks like we have another WAG showdown on our hands after Rebekah Vardy felt the need to comment on Kyle Walker’s adulterous shenanigans earlier this week. What’s it got to do with her, you ask? Well, that’s exactly what Kyle’s long-suffering wife Annie Walker wants to know.

On the day the footage was leaked, Vardy shared an IG post that simply read “the gift that keeps on giving.” Bit vague, but people assumed she was having a dig at her fellow WAG.

Annie has so far remained loyal to husband Kyle Walker

Vardy then shared a clip of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal which of course includes the lyrics ‘Annie, are you okay? So, Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie?’ (brutal), alongside this rambling post insisting she wasn’t saying anything untoward about Walker’s wife:

Becky lashed back on Instagram as she slammed Annie

Waking up this morning to my name being associated with this delightful story in yet another opportunity to attack me!

Funny though isn’t it that it’s my name she wants to use rather than the people actually laughing at her for being a doormat.

Art of deflection to a T… great at playing the victim is our Annie.

I think she needs to focus with what’s going on in her own life instead of trying to attack me by bringing me into her drama (laughing emoji).

Believe me had it been about her I would have tagged her! She’s obsessed… I’m literally tired of being nice to people with short memories.

I’ve stayed silent while she’s bashed me in the media made lies up about me in her little community like a group of playground bullies! Just leave me alone.

Jeez, does anyone love drama more than Becky Vardy? How are you going to put out a statement denying that you’ve had a dig at someone and call them a ‘doormat’ in the same statement? I mean, maybe the initial IG post wasn’t about Walker, but it may as well have been now.

Is Wag War 2.0 heating up? According to The Sun (I know, I know), Annie is fuming with the whole situation. No doubt Colleen will relish the opportunity to join in and have another pop at Vardy after already demolishing her in their libel battle feud.

Here’s the Kyle Walker footage that’s to blame for all this, in case you missed it:

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