The Demonic Doll ‘Annabelle’ Is Returning This Summer To Give You Sleepless Nights

Annabelle creation

This looks terrifying.

‘The Conjuring’ universe is surprisingly one of the most profitable movie franchises out there, after spin off ‘Annabelle’ managed to take $256.8 million off a $6.5 million budget a couple of years ago.

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This probably means that we’re going to see as many movies based around Annabelle as we did based around ‘Saw’, and the next one of these is entitled ‘Annabelle: Creation’. It centres around the origins of the mysterious haunted doll before the events of the 2014 movie.

It’s due out in August and you can check out the trailer to it below:

Yeah OK, nothing too out of the ordinary there but it looks like it’s going to be pretty freaking scary doesn’t it?

The director of ‘Lights Out’ – probably one of the best horror movies of recent times – is also at the helm, so you can bet that there are gonna be a bunch of tense situations, a lot of horrific violence and some great jump out of your seat moments. You can also probably bet that there are going to be about another seven instalments in the franchise as well, but that’s not really a problem is it?

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