Angry Black Man Gets Over Ex By Burning All Her Stuff In The Forest

Angry Black Man Burns Ex's Stuff

Sometimes the old ways of revenge are the best ways.

Don’t worry, it’s OK to call him Angry Black Man because that’s what he refers to himself as in the video, we aren’t racist or anything.

In any case he has a pretty successful YouTube series where he gets really angry and yells about stuff, as you might expect, but this is definitely his defining video as he tries to finally get over the heartbreak of his cheating ex-girlfriend. He does so via the classic methodology of gathering up all his ex’s stuff that she left at it his house, heading into the forest with it, putting it in a barrel and then dousing the whole thing with lighter fluid and setting it on fire. Lolz.

As you might expect, the lighting ritual is coupled by a hilarious diatribe as the Angry Black Man rants and raves about his trials and tribulations with his former lover. Let’s hope this provided the therapy that he needed, although we might have recommended doing what this guy did to get over his ex instead.


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