The Angry Bagel Guy Is Now Training With UFC Fighters And Angling For A Fight With Logan Paul

He’s serious.

Remember the angry bagel guy from the other week who went on a viral rant about women on dating sites?

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You’ve probably forgotten about him because of the Area 51 meme or whatever’s trending when you’re reading this, but Chris Morgan is determined to not go the way of so many viral superstars of the past. He’s already signed a contract to fight another viral sensation in Atlantic City in September and it appears like he’s taking this very seriously –  he’s just hooked up with UFC superstars Al Iaquinta and Chris Weidman to train and is taking aim at Logan Paul as well.

Here’s the footage:

Well that was kinda funny and stupid wasn’t it, but you’ve really gotta fear for Morgan’s life if he ever steps into the ring with anyone like Logan Paul, who was actually a pretty good wrestler I think back in high school and has already appeared in a charity boxing match with KSI. Can’t see the little guy even landing a punch on him – or anyone else for that matter really – even if he trains with Conor McGregor and Anthony Joshua Andy Ruiz Jr before the big fight. Good luck to him though.

To relive the original angry bagel guy rant, click right here. You won’t regret it.


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