An Anglican Minister Is Urging Christians To Pray That Prince George Is Gay



Homosexuality is certainly on its way to be fully accepted in society these days (aside from a low percentage of homophobes), but even despite this I don’t think that anyone would actively pray that their child grew up to be a homosexual.

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Despite this, the Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth is encouraging Christians to pray that Prince George grows up to be queer in the hopes that it will lead to the Church Of England to support same sex marriage. In an online blog, he posted the following message:

If people don’t want to engage in campaigning in this way, they do in England have another unique option, which is to pray in the privacy of their hearts (or in public if they dare) for the Lord to bless Prince George with a love, when he grows up, of a fine young gentleman.

A royal wedding might sort things out remarkably easily, though we might have to wait 25 years for that to happen.

Who knows whether that might be sooner than things might work out by other means?

Right. I mean I obviously don’t have a problem with George being gay, but it seems so weird to encourage people to pray for this to happen, just so this dude can pursue his agenda of the C of E supporting same sex marriage. Seems remarkably tasteless and this was a view echoed by Rev Gavin Ashenden, the Queen’s former chaplain:

Prince George Gay

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To pray for Prince George to grow up in that way, particularly when part of the expectation is he will inherit is to produce a biological heir with a woman he loves, is to pray in a way that would disable and undermine his constitutional and personal role.”

It is an unkind and destabilising prayer.

It is the theological equivalent of the curse of the wicked fairy in one of the fairy tales.

It is un-Christian as well as being anti-constitutional.

It is a very long way from being a blessing for Prince George.

I mean that might be a bit extreme as well, but I gust what he’s saying. I just can’t get why these guys don’t let Prince George grow up however he wants to and fall in love with and have sex with whoever he wants to. Give the four year old kid a break.

For more of the same, check out this church that thinks that Pokemon is the reason homosexuality exists. Seriously.



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