Angela Eagle’s Facebook Has Been Ruthlessly Trolled By Corbyn Supporters



Angela Eagle, who is currently taking on Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Party leadership, has had her Facebook page completely hijacked by Corbyn supporters.

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This comes after her decision to challenge Jezza for the Labour leadership amid concerns that he can’t unite the party and win a general election. As a way to prove her wrong, Corbyn’s fans (of whom there are many) have been inundating her Facebook posts with the same couple of comments:




Angela Eagle hacked

angela eagle hacked

Brilliant. Jeremy Corbyn has been one of the first UK leaders to go beyond Westminster and this just proves that. Eagle is expected to lose badly to Corbyn who has strong support from the Labour grassroots. Tens of thousands have signed up already in recent weeks in order to ensure victory.

To watch Eamonn Holmes make himself look like an absolute dumbass (it’s not hard) while interviewing Corbyn, click HERE.


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