Davey Suicide’s Story Reveals How Fucked Up The Music Industry Can Actually Be

Davey Suicide

Record labels suck.

It’s well known that the music industry is a completely messed up space where it’s very easy to get absolutely fucked when you’re in a band if you’re not smart about things, and that’s really exemplified in the story of Davey Suicide getting completely and utterly fucked over by his record label Standby Records.

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I have never heard of Davey Suicide before but he seems like some kind of emo/goth/nu metal kinda guy with loads of tattoos and bad hair and it seems like he was having a good go at being a rockstar before the label royally screwed him. Here’s his story:

Ouch. I suppose we shouldn’t really be surprised about labels screwing over bands because it seemingly happens all the time, but this seems like he got royally shafted as the guy straight up refused to pay a whole bunch of things that he said he would be paying for, rather than just screwing them out of the profits which is what it sounds like most labels do.

What an absolute fuck. I’m not sure how much use sharing this video will do in terms of Davey’s court case as it could interfere with that, but I suppose it’s good that he got this out there so that no other bands sign with this guy and get completely fucked too. It’ll probably still happen though, because that’s just the nature of the music business when opportunist pricks prey on people’s dreams superstardom. Be smarter.

Check out the Foo Fighters rider – they’re the biggest band in the world and they know how to do this shit right.


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