Andrew Tate Making A Pro Trans Argument While Also Being Transphobic Is Blowing People’s Minds

Transphobia solved.

So this 2021 clip of Andrew Tate is doing the rounds after he somehow managed to make a pro-trans argument while also being misogynistic and transphobic in the process, which has left everyone’s brains in a pretzel.

Listen to Andrew Tate explain why he would rather have sex with the hottest trans woman in the world rather than the ugliest woman in the world (asking the important questions, as usual):

I mean, I guess when you frame it as either banging Megan Fox with a penis or Hulk Hogan with a pxssy, then the decision becomes a lot easier. Yeah OK you might say there’s nothing gayer than a penis, but at the end of the day it would be the feminine aspect (Megan Fox aesthetics) you’re attracted to as a straight male, if that’s what you insist you are. As Tate says in his supporting argument, you can still “choke her and mess her up a bit.” Sigh…

It’s actually videos like this that make you wonder whether Tate is a satirical genius playing a character in front of the world (which ironically is his legal defence, currently), but given everything else we know about the guy, the person you see in that clip is probably his authentic self.

More news on Tate’s situation as it develops. Most recently, he claimed a ghost appeared in his cell and tried to fight him. Guy’s clearly handling the prison life well.


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