Andrew Tate Says That A Ghost Appeared In His Prison Cell And He Sent It Back To Hell

Classic Tate.

Andrew Tate has been in prison for just over two months now whilst the Romanian authorities continue to investigate him on charges of rape and human trafficking and it seems like it’s finally starting to get to him.

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One of the stranger aspects of Tate’s imprisonment is that his social media accounts have continued to post on the regular, despite the fact that you would have thought that his phones/computers etc would be confiscated. I think someone on the outside is running it for him and regularly tweeting  stuff that’s a risible impression of Tate – usually about staying mentally strong and working out in prison and stuff – but this last one has really gone off the boil a bit with ‘Tate’ claiming that a ghost appeared to him in prison and he managed to send it back to hell.

Yeah kinda seems like the guy has gone full loco there – if it even is him tweeting/authorising these tweets – but in all honesty it’s not really that different from any of the outlandish stuff that he’s posted in the past. Guess she just has to make it wackier and weirder because there’s not really that much he can talk about when he’s in a jail cell. Seems like everyone was still lapping it up anyway.

For more of the same, check out this guy who absolutely nailed his impression of Andrew Tate. Maybe he should get him in to write his tweets whilst he’s in jai?


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