Love Burritos? Meet The 3ft Anaconda Burrito


The next generation of burritos.

You think you know everything about burritos my friend? Well think again because you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen the anaconda burrito.

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The burrito is the brainchild of Edwin Espinoza , who runs the family owned Taqueria Yarelis in the central valley area of Fresno California. It’s basically a regular burrito, only split over five wraps. Edwin is one of only three people currently trained to wrap it and can do so in under one minute, but since the restaurant posted the video on their Facebook page they’ve been so inundated with customers that they’ve literally had to hire three extra staff members to keep up with demand:

Here’s what Edwin had to say about it:

People from out of town, Los Angeles, San Diego – they say they’ve never come to Fresno but they’ve come because of the Anaconda Burrito.

Before the video, we only needed 80 pounds of asada a day. Now it’s 300 pounds for just asada.

Sounds like business is booming. I can’t really see the attraction of it though? I mean sure burritos are great but this is just a really big one? Surely that isn’t that impressive and is just kind of hard to hold and eat properly?

One woman did explain that they buy the burrito and it feeds her whole family for two days, so I suppose it’s a good option for poor people who don’t want any variation in their diet, but I can’t really understand why people would travel far and wide to eat it, can you? It’s just a big burrito FFS.

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