Amy Childs’s Left Tit Exploded And She’s Now Warning Against Plastic Surgery (NSFW)

Word to the wise.

Remember Amy Childs off TOWIE? She’s been keeping a low profile recently and that might have something to do with the fact that her double E-sized implants exploded in her left breast and left her hospitalised.

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29-year-old Amy says she was forced to remove the implants and has now settled for a pair of modest C cup boobs which she wishes she had got from the beginning. 

Amy told The Sun about her boob-bursting ordeal:

I started getting pain in my left implant, and when I had it checked out it had ruptured.

I was so scared. It was so bad. I was in horrendous pain. I was terrified because implants can leak into your organs –  it’s not good at all.

I didn’t like my big boobs anyway and deeply regret having them – I looked so big, everyone used to just stare at my boobs and they were so wonky too, they were a mess.

Isn’t the point of getting EE implants so that people will stare? I digress…

My old implants had leaked into my breast tissue and it formed a lump.

It was so dangerous, they said that if I’d waited a couple of years I would be in trouble.

On her history of boob jobs:

I went to a really lovely school, a private school, but of course you still get the boys who said “she’s got no boobs!

I saved up to have my boobs done when I was 18, to have double A cups.

I then went under the knife again when I was 23 to have even bigger boobs taking me to a C.

Then when I left Towie I was offered a free boob job and before I knew it I was a double E.

Then I had the two kids and they just got bigger and bigger.

She advises anyone who wants to get their tits done to wait until after giving birth:

I’ve had three boob jobs now and I’m only 29. I just wish I had waited until after I’d had my children – and that’s what I ‘d say to everyone else – just really think about it first.

I definitely regret my boob jobs and having surgery so young.

But I’m so relieved now I’ve got my perfect boobs, they are tiny and I get no pain at all.

RIP Amy’s double Es. Gone but not forgotten:


Never forget:

For the woman whose botched boob jobs left her boobs looking like crab claws, click HERE. If only Amy was around to warn her…


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