Americans Have Only Just Heard About Sausage Rolls And It’s Like “Cheeky Nando’s” All Over Again

What’s going to happen when the Yanks hear about Greggs?

Remember that moment of cultural sharing we had with our American cousins over the concept of a “Cheeky Nando’s”? You know, that time they were all losing their minds trying to work out, a) what a Nando’s actually was, but mainly, b) what made it so cheeky?

Well it looks like we’re in for another instalment of Anglo-American confusion, except this time it’s over the humble sausage roll.

saus roll

The carnage ensued when the New York Times tweeted a recipe for sausage rolls, labelling them “like pigs in a blanket, but so much better”.

Cue massive confusion on all fronts. The tweet alerted American to the existence of the sausage roll, whilst their reaction alerted Brits to the fact that they aren’t a thing in the states.

Another twist in the tale is what Americans term pigs in blankets. To Americans these are frankfurters wrapped in a harder bread-based pastry, whilst to us these are chipolatas wrapped in bacon. Essentially pigs wrapped in a blanket of pig.

Sausage rolls, as you know, are sausage rolls. Check out the Twitter meltdowns below:

A few Brits took it upon themselves to sabotage America’s new swine culinary revelation:

And finally, the secret baking society that is Greggs was revealed:

What’s next? Grime becoming ‘Americanised’? Too late…


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