American Restaurant Arby’s Is Trolling Vegans By Making Carrots Out Of Turkey

They’re called Marrots.

The vegan revolution continues to gather steam, but it seems that even as it moves forward there are countless people out there that are determined to make fun of it as much as possible and try and stop it in its tracks.

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Not sure if that’s going to happen, but seems like more than enough people are willing to give it a shot. The latest culprit is American restaurant chain Arby’s who have nailed their colours firmly to the mast by deciding to make vegetables that are actually made out of meat.

There is actually a reason for this, despite how stupid it sounds. Since 1969, Arby’s has prided itself on serving premium sandwiches with the highest quality meats and they’re sticking with that philosophy by introducing ‘Megetables’ instead of pandering to the vegan community out there.

Here’s a video introducing the new menu item known as The Marrot – a carrot made from Turkey:

Yeah I’m not really sure how I feel about that. Whilst I do kinda admire Arby’s for staying true to their principles in the era of woke, it just seems kinda weird and pointless and a bit creepy that they’re full on trolling vegans by making a carrot out of turkey? Like what’s the point of it?

On a practical note, it’s not that smart that it’s gonna take them an hour to cook them every single time, although I’ve gotta admit it did look kinda tasty when they were chopping it up. You can just get a turkey sausage that pretty much fulfils the same purpose though, making this whole exercise just freaking strange to be honest. Not cool.

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