The American Remake Of ‘Peep Show’ Is Officially Happening

Peep show

Well this is going to suck.

Are there any UK TV comedies that America won’t try and bastardise? First we had ‘The Office’ (don’t care what you say, it was shit compared to Brent) then ‘The Inbetweeners’ and now the absolute dry, English classic ‘Peep Show’ is getting the US treatment. Not so sure about this.

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On the positive side of the coin, the original makers of the show, Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, are going to have input. AND the co-creator of ‘Son of Zorn’, Eli Jorne, is going to be brought on as executive producer. So I guess they’ve got a good team there. He said:

I’m grateful to Sam and Jesse for entrusting me with nine seasons’ worth of insightful, darkly hilarious material that I can hopefully pass off to American audiences as my own.

It’s not stated when the show will be released and whether this adaptation will be similar to the original style, although judging by the fact that it’s running with the same title, I reckon they’ll jack the whole first-person point of view that makes the show stand out as an original work.

So what have we learned here? Well, we’re getting a US version of ‘Peep Show’. American remakes of British comedy are mostly wack because let’s face it, we’ve got humour down. However, there is a good team backing it so it has the potential to be semi-decent. Let’s just wait and see how this one pans out.

P.S. Nothing will ever beat this:


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