American Apparel Are Selling A T-shirt That Has A Bleeding Vagina On The Front

American Apparel

So American Apparel are selling a t-shirt that has a bleeding vagina on the front. Edgy.

American Apparel shot to fame when they planted their girl model on the back on every Vice magazine in circulation. Since then, American Apparel has become the epicentre for overpriced hipster fashion. American Apparel adopts the ‘basic’ look with a ‘premium’ price tag.

Not one to avoid controversy, American Apparel have been mentioned on Sick Chirpse before, like when their advert was banned in the UK, and also when they tried to make a quick buck of the Hurricane Sandy disaster. Tut tut. Well American Apparel are back, and this time it’s because they’re selling one of the grossest t-shirts we’ve ever seen (only slightly grosser than Ed Hardy t-shirts).

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American Apparel have a t-shirt in the sale section of their online shop that has a big fat print of a woman’s bleeding vagina on the front. Wut? Check it out below:

American Apparel T-shirt Vagina

American Apparel Bleeding Vagina T-shirt


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