Amber Heard’s Former Personal Assistant Says Amber Stole Her Rape Survival Story


Major bombshell in the Johnny Depp V The Sun trial today after Amber Heard’s former personal assistant Kate James casually dropped in that Heard co-opted a story of James’ about being raped in Brazil and passed it off as her own. Who the hell does that?

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All through the trial questions have been thrown at Heard about whether she just made up a hell of lot the shit that she said about Johnny Depp and was pretty much crazy herself, and this might be the testimony that gets a lot of people onto Depp’s side. Of course, it sounds like he was still pretty terrible during the whole of their relationship, but maybe just not as bad as Heard is making out in terms of him beating her up all the time.

Anyway, here’s a live tweeting of that pivotal exchange:

Wow. That’s not going to make Amber Heard look good in the eyes of the judge, jury or the general public, but I suppose there’s still the question of whether or not Depp has paid off all these witnesses and what else is going to come up in the rest of the trial before we all cast judgment on everyone. Not sure how this is going to end up as we’ve still got a week or so left of evidence, but I’ve gotta say it’s not looking so hot for The Sun or Amber Heard right now.

For more of the same, check out everything that’s gone on in the trial right here. It’s been completely bonkers.


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