Amber Heard Is Divorcing Johnny Depp And He Didn’t Get A Prenup For His $400 Million

Amber Heard is going on ruthless.

Amber Heard has filed for divorce from Johnny Depp after just 15 months of marriage because apparently his family hates her.

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Heard, 33, submitted court documents this week citing irreconcilable difference and seeking spousal support.

Here they are a few weeks back during happier times (still sad, but happier):

Depp, 52, who is worth $400 million and owns a private island in The Bahamas in turn filed his own legal documents, asking the judge to reject Heard’s claim.

Only problem for him is… they didn’t get a pre-nuptial agreement which means she could be entitled to a hefty sum even though they’d only been married for 15 months.

I’m no marriage expert but I’d think when you’re worth $400 million and you marry an actress 20 years younger than you then it’s probably a good idea to get a prenup. Mind-boggling that someone like Johnny Depp didn’t take that precaution fairly late in his life. Things change, people change, it’s not disrespectful or bad karma to get a prenup – it’s just a way of making sure you’re covered.

Heard meanwhile has been getting a tonne of stick online because she chose to file her papers THREE DAYS after Johnny Depp’s mum died:

Pretty ruthless move but obviously we don’t know all the details there. Must be quite the situation if Amber Heard can do that and also ask for spousal support despite the fact she’s a millionaire in her own right.

Good luck with that Johnny. Maybe that move to Manchester would be a good thing right now.


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