Does Amazon Have Real-Time Tracking?

Online shopping has eased the game, but it takes courage to develop your trust in these online companies. But you do not need to worry when multiple tracking systems are available such as FedEx tracking, china post tracking or Amazon map tracking system. These tracking systems are the handiest features that keep you aware of your ordered product status in real-time. 

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Since everybody wonders that do Amazon has real-time tracking, here is an answer. Yes, they have. It is called Amazon Map Tracking. Besides the Amazon Map Tracking, the USPS and UPS tracking system can also track your delivery, but its accuracy is less than the former. 

What is Amazon Map Tracking?

Amazon map tracking is the accurate and real-time tracking system owned by Amazon. It has features that enable you to track your product anytime and anywhere on the map. You can rely on this system because it shows you a map that points out where your driver is and how many stops are there before your package arrives. 

Amazon Map tracking is a reliable feature that gives you an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), which is insanely correct. It is a feature that boosts credibility and allows you to trust Amazon to deliver your package. It is user-friendly with easy use and a compelling user interface. 

How to use it?

You can use the Amazon Map Tracking system by simply downloading the Amazon mobile app. Once you have downloaded the application, you can open it up and track your package. Once the retail giant delivers your package, a notification will pop up to you that will enable you to see the progress of your delivery package on its tracking map. 

How to Track Your Package through it?

After you have the Amazon Mobile App, open it up. After a boot, access to “Setting” menu and select “Your Orders.” The feature will be available to you once you choose to find out where your order is. This feature will let you see a map and enables you to track the ordered package in real-time. 

You can see the progress by accessing the app and finding out where your ordered package has arrived. 

But if you have not downloaded the application, you can use an alternate method. You can click on the “Track Package” link from your Amazon account or your shipment confirmation e-mail. Doing so will let you access Amazon Map Tracking. 

Delivery Confirmation Feature:

Amazon provides you a proof of delivery in a case when you are not at home. It means that you can be confident that you can’t miss an essential order if you order it through Amazon. 

When you are not home, but your package is delivered, the driver snaps a photo of the package to you in your Amazon app. They will leave a short description with the image. The description is about the package written by the driver where exactly s/he left your package. One such example of the description is: “Your Package was left near the front door or porch.”

Shortcomings of Amazon Map Tracking:

It will help if you keep in mind that you cannot rely solely on Amazon Map Tracking. This feature is not available on every package. You cannot track your orders in real-time if they are shipped through conventional carrier methods, such as UPS, United States Postal Services (USPS), or FedEx. Instead, you need to order your package to be delivered via a retail giant or a dedicated Amazon vehicle to enable the Amazon map tracking feature. Hope this article helped you with your queries related to tracking.


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