These Amazon Leggings Can Hide A Whole Bottle Of Rose

Oh hello.

I’ve been reliably informed that women have a really hard time when it comes to pockets on a lot of their clothes, which is why a lot of the time they have to carry handbags around with them (and because of how much stuff they have, obviously) so it’s no surprise that they’ve gone completely wild about these leggings that have pockets big enough to support a whole bottle of rose. You know – the perfect after workout treat.

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The discovery was first made by Karen who left a rave review on Amazon that has encouraged countless other women to pick up the leggings.

Well yeah she certainly sounds enthused there doesn’t she? Probably one of the longest and most enthusiastic reviews I’ve ever read, but who can blame her when she’s waddled back from the gym in her sweaty leggins and had time to pick up a bottle of rose and whack it in her pocket without missing a beat? Sounds as if she probably drank the whole bottle as well too given how sloshed she sounds during the review too hey?

If this review has won you over as well, then the best thing is that the leggings will only set you back around £15 and because they’re available on Amazon, you can literally order them right now and have them in time for tomorrow to head into the weekend. You know it makes sense.

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