‘Despicable’ Amateur Football Teams In Sheffield Face Punishment For Playing After Queen’s Death



The cancellation of football in the days following the Queen’s death was criticised by many, especially since sports like horse racing, cricket and rugby were allowed to carry on as normal. Still, you’d think two amateur teams might still be able to turn up to a park and play a game of footie, right?

Well apparently not, as according to Sky News, two local league teams in Sheffield are being investigated and will be “dealt with in the strongest possible terms” after playing a game last weekend.

The local league had ordered that all games be cancelled as a mark of respect, but Sheffield International FC tweeted on Friday that its match would be played as a friendly instead. They later said someone had “snitched on us so now even the friendly is off”.

It switched to a training session, adding:

“If that gets cancelled we’ll have a game of rugby seeing as that’s deemed respectful enough.”

However, on Saturday morning, they kinda snitched on themselves with these Tweets:

The Sheffield and District Fair Play League condemned the “disrespectful and despicable behaviour”, adding in their statement:

“There will be an investigation into this matter, in conjunction with the Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA, and these two teams will be dealt with in the strongest possible terms.”

League chairman Danny Taylor said:

“Queen Elizabeth II ruled, served and led with integrity and humility for more than seven decades.

It is a terrible shame that these two teams could not emulate this even for a single Saturday, despite our clear instructions.

We may or may not agree with the mass cancellation of football, but this was decided as a mark of respect and should therefore have been adhered to.”

Seems a bit harsh really. I mean I’m sure the Queen wouldn’t mind; she’d probably have preferred that everyone carry on as normal. It’s not like there’s any logistical reasons to cancel amateur league games. What did they want everyone to do? Sit at home and be miserable all weekend? For some, playing or watching football is the one thing they look forward to all week. Mad that this is even a story tbh.

Still, wasn’t a great idea boasting about the game on social media. You live and you learn.

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