Amanda Holden Has Shared A Video Of Her Having A Mammogram To Raise Awareness

It’s in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

OK, let’s all be honest – the only reason you all clicked on this was because you saw the thumbnail and thought you might see a bit of Amanda Holden’s boobs if you clicked through, but I’m afraid that you’re probably gonna be disappointed because she blurred them out herself on the original video. Sorry – you can click back now if you want.

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For everyone else though, Amanda Holden has decided to share a video of herself getting a mammogram in order to raise awareness about breast cancer and to be honest, you’ve gotta give it to her because this is probably an area that the majority of women don’t spend enough time investigating where regular check ups could potentially help save lives. Here’s the video:

Yeah, you’ve gotta say that this is a celebrity using their position of power in an extremely positive way. Fair play to the woman – go get checked out.

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