Amanda Holden Says Paul O’Grady ‘Didn’t Have A Woke Bone In His Body’

Twitter is not happy with her.

Amanda Holden is catching some flak online for comments she made about Paul O’Grady on her Heart FM radio show earlier.

Holden was paying tribute to the British TV legend who died suddenly aged 67, when she described him as ‘not woke in any way’:

“You know what I loved about him [Paul O’Grady], he was not woke in any way.

He really had massive opinions on everything.”

Co-host Jamie Theakston immediately agreed:

“That’s for sure.”

Which seems a bit hard to believe given O’Grady was a drag artist, AIDS campaigner, LGBT advocate and anti austerity critic, which you’d think are all things that fall under the “woke” umbrella. I think what she was probably trying to say was that he wasn’t a recreationally offended t0sser and didn’t care what others thought and could take (and make) a joke. He obviously cared deeply about human rights and social issues so describing him as not having a woke bone in his body is pretty daft, all things considered.

Whatever Holden meant by it, Twitter wasn’t happy with her for besmirching Paul O’Grady’s good name:

So yeah, not the Paul O’Grady tribute anyone wanted to hear but at least Jamie Theakston agreed with her. I will say that Amanda Holden on GB News isn’t a bad shout though; can totally see her getting her own show on that channel one day and emasculating some “woke” male guest.

For the time Amanda Holden said she enjoys being wolf-whistled and doesn’t care if it’s sexist, click HERE. Anti woke to the max!


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