Alyssa Milano Thinks Joe Rogan Only Has 3x The Listeners As Her Podcast Does

That’s an interesting way of doing math.

The other night, actress-turned-social-activist Alyssa Milano went on a bit of a tangent on Twitter. A lot of it was political stuff about Trump and fascism and all that other woke goodness she’s been banging on about for years – forgive me for not including those parts in the blog.

At one point in the middle of her rant though, she Tweeted this:

Wait, what? Who even knew that Alyssa Milano had a podcast? The craziest part about that Tweet though is that Alyssa thinks that Joe Rogan only has triple the listeners she has when it’s probably more like 300x the listeners.

In fact Alyssa Milano’s podcast ranks at #143 (not overall but in the politics section), while Rogan has the #1 podcast in the world. How deluded do you have to be to think your podcast that ranks #143 in just the politics section is only 3x smaller than the world’s #1 podcast?

Not to mention Rogan has been doing JRE for 11 years, Alyssa has been doing her podcast ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ for like 7 minutes. Rogan talks with some of the most interesting people in the world about an endless variety of topics, Alyssa just whines about Donald Trump every week.

Seems like a clear case of the green-eyed monster to me. Here’s the general reaction online:

The ratio underneath her Tweet really is something, but I guess that’s what happens when no one close to you ever tells you the truth and just tell you how great you are all the time. You end up wondering how the world’s #1 podcast could possibly have ‘3x’ the audience that your shitty podcast does.

For the ‘despicable’ 2011 clip that people are trying to cancel Joe Rogan over, click HERE. Would he get away with that if it had happened in 2020?


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