Almost Murdered: 10 Tales From Attempted Murder Victims



We often talk about murder victims and their unfortunate demise. Every day people are murdered; their lives snuffed out for a non-exhaustive list of reasons. But what about those who have lived to tell the tale? What is it like to almost be murdered?

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AskReddit asked attempted murder victims to share their stories and we’ve compiled 10 of the most interesting and scary accounts from these survivors.

1. Not-So-Sweet Sixteen

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My older sister tried to stab me with a large knife in an attempt to kill me on my 16th birthday, my mother grabbed the knife off her before it got my stomach and slammed her against the fridge and yelled at me to run.

Last time I saw my older sister she said “I’ve gotten over it and you should to, it’s pathetic to hang onto it” she then told people it was self defense because I tried to hurt her. I was literally eating my birthday breakfast.

I didn’t sleep properly for 2 years while she was in the house because she constantly tried to break into my room at night to slit my throat while I slept. I hate her.


Imagine having to try and sleep every night with your murderous sibling constantly trying to kill you. Beyond me why the parents didn’t do anything about their daughter’s disturbing intentions. I don’t think this is something you can just forget and fancy her sister telling everyone it was self defense – classic psycho behaviour.

2. The Pizza Job

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I delivered a pizza to a house just outside of the city. On the way back, I stopped to help a car that pulled over in front of me with their hazard lights on. I pulled up beside them and thought it was weird that nobody rolled down a window or made any kind of contact with me for around 15 seconds. The passenger then jumped out of his side of the car yelling that they needed help as he made his way toward my car. I thought something was weird about this.

As I started to pull away before he could get to my passenger door, he began shooting at me. I ducked my head after the first shot entered through the back window and embedded in my passenger seat headrest. Another shot entered through the rear window, while the other 3 only hit the outside metal parts of my car, he missed all together with another shot.

I remember being sure I was about to die as he fired more shots at me. I was very surprised that it wasn’t panicky, it was just like “Oh, I guess this is it.”

Turns out it was a plot to rob me, the pizza was ordered and the guys were stationed down the road to intercept me. They knew who I was and they knew that I would be able to recognize them, as I had delivered a few orders to them before. The guy wasn’t wearing anything to cover his identity, which leads me to believe that he would have shot and killed me if he would have made it inside my car.


Are pizza delivery people known for carrying large amounts of cash? Seems like a lot of effort to rob a pizza guy. Love the ‘I guess this is it’ resignation, I feel that’s how many people would react. This guy is lucky they were such bad shots, although it was fortunate no one was in the passenger seat.

3. Attack Of The Crackhead

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My uncle was attempted murdered by random and pure bad luck.

He was living in a high rise and some crack head pressed every single buzzer. Someone let him in out of laziness/not caring/wanting the buzzer to stop. The crack head proceeded to knock on every single door down the hallways and my uncle is the first to answer the door.

The crack head pulls out a pair of scissors and plunges them into his throat.

The crack head then nonchalantly walks out of the building and says to a passing couple, ‘you should probably call the police because I just murdered someone’.

He was picked up very quickly, and my uncle survived.


These random acts of violence are the most unsettling as it reminds you that anyone can lose their mind and just randomly feel the urge to kill someone. And that someone could be you. So don’t go opening your door unless you’re sure of who is out there.

4. Friends Save Lives

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My parents moved to Mozambique during the mid nineties, I was around 8 at the time and started going to school there, a nice private one, cant complain, my father was working for the red cross in Chimoio so we had a comfortable life.

One day, before arriving to school with a friend of mine, some sketchy guy stopped us offered a whole bunch of money to just take some small box to a white van that was parked at the end of the street, not even 100 meters away. My lucky day I guessed (it actually was but for different reasons).

When I was going to go grab the box my friend grabbed me by the shirt, pushed me, and started running, screaming (something I didn’t understand in Shona the local dialect). That moment was when it clicked. The moment I looked back the guy had already vanished. So… wherever you are, thank you Chude, I will never forget you.


Red flags don’t always resonate with an 8 year old so it was lucky his friend was there to guide him to safety. When asked if the dude would have kidnapped them, the poster confirmed that they were organ traffickers. This sounds like it could be an urban legend but unfortunately there is ample evidence to suggest this sort of thing does go on. This could have had a very different ending and thank goodness he didn’t take the bait.

5. $10,000 Hit

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I worked in a jail and a guy from a 1%er biker gang tried to pay $10,000 to have me killed because he somehow got the idea that I was the fed who busted him and was mereley pretending to be a jailer so I could spy on him (don’t do meth kids.)

The guy was bragging about it and one of the other inmates who I had saved from a heart attack with first aid didn’t like that so he beat the living shit out of the guy and then told me about it. Phone call recordings confirmed that he had promised the money to two guys if they shot me in the back of the head while escorting him to court and busted him out.

Federal Marshals rolled them up and on his way to court I whispered to him “your friends won’t be joining us” when we got to the planned ambush point, instead of a bond hearing he got charged for trying to have me murdered and organising an escape.


A lot of these stories involve drugs and demonstrate how messed up and paranoid people can get. This has a sort of happy ending though. The poster confirmed that the inmate who tipped him off about the attack was in for drug issues, so he got the inmate enrolled in a treatment program and managed to get the other charges that weren’t drug-related dropped so the inmate could attend. Props to the guy for helping the guy who effectively saved his life.

6. Yay For Alcohol

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He was too drunk to figure out how to disable the safety.


This is somehow both funny and terrifying in its simplicity.

7. Don’t Pick Up Strangers

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My Sisters adopted brother (its complicated) had his throat slit by a hitchicker and was kicked out of the car and left for dead on a country road. Luckily no arteries we hit. He tied his tee shirt around his throat and managed to walk /crawl to a farm house to get help and survived. They caught the guy and he went to jail. New scar and a husky voice was the outcome.


I’ve pondered picking up hitchhikers in the past; to hear their stories and learn about their journey. But now that’s a definite nope. You usually hear about hitchhikers being the victim of highway killers and rogue truck drivers but sometimes it is the hitchhiker themself with malicious intentions. So the next time you see that dude standing with their cardboard sign and thumb stuck out, look out for that murderous glint in their eyes.

8. Not Stopping To Help

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Not my story, but a girl I went to highschool with.

She had a flat tire driving home from work one night during college and was pulled over in the side of the road. A car pulls up and she thinks someone is getting out to help.

A dude just fucking rushes her slits her throat and stabs her a few times, then gets back in his car and speeds off. She managed to make it to a nearby house and survived but they never caught the guy. Fucking terrifying.


Your delightful reminder that no matter how safe you think you are, how much you think you avoid dangerous situations, some random nutter can appear out of nowhere and kill you for the hell of it.

9. No Boys

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I was 3 years old and went to this lady’s house for swimming lessons. What my parents didn’t know was that the lady hated boys.

One day she threw me in the pool and left me to die. I sank to the bottom. I was under for several minutes. Some how a teenager saw this, jumped the fence and rescued me. The ambulance came and I was in ICU for a week. My parents never found out who the teenager was.

The lady wasn’t arrested. The cops told my parents that it would cost them money to take her to court. A lawyer read an article in the newspaper and decided to go after the lady, pro bono. She had several businesses involving kids. He was able to shut her down. She ended up as a waitress and eventually got cancer and died.

As a lovely parting gift, growing up I sometimes felt like I was drowning when taking a shower or in water. I’ve over came this and eventually got a scuba license and still enjoy swimming.


It’s a shame the teenager wasn’t identified to be able to thank him. Glad that the poster was able to move on with his life after this ordeal.

What I don’t get is why it would have cost money to take the old bint to court? Surely it would be the State prosecuting her and the family would just be witnesses?

I must be missing something, perhaps civil action would have been the only way based on the evidence. At least she was shut down and could no longer harm children.

And in terms of the cancer, karma perhaps?

10. Cindy And The Snitch

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I had just bought a full sheet of acid (this was 20 years ago, sorry FBI) and I went over to where my friend was living with a bunch of roommates to share the wealth. I knew most of the people he lived with, but there was one guy staying there who I hadn’t met before. I basically handed out however many doses people were tough enough to take at once, including three or four hits to the new guy.

We came to find out pretty quickly that new guy had never taken LSD before. OK, no problem, he’s at home, he’s surrounded by people he knows (except me), he can just chill and have a good time. We wanted to watch a movie so we landed on the Brady Bunch movie (which is trippy af, btw). Everything’s going good, we all start peaking and we’re laughing and having a good time…and then, on the movie, the little girl Cindy is getting advice from her dad and says “But I don’t want to be a snitch…”

New guy stands up and roars “IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK? YOU THINK I’M A FUCKING SNITCH?” We all try to calm him down, explain to him that it’s a line from the movie, we even rewind the movie so he can watch that part again, but nothing is working. He’s tripping too hard to reason with, and he’s convinced that we’re accusing him of being a snitch.

Then he starts pacing back and forth, back and forth, muttering “This is the kind of shit that makes motherfuckers kill. This is the kind of shit that makes motherfuckers kill.” over and over. Great.

He zeroed in on me, I’m sure because he didn’t know me, and he’s still pacing back and forth and muttering but now he’s giving me a death glare while he does it. I’m getting pretty uncomfortable, obviously, and I’m also peaking from like 10 hits of acid so my ability to cope with the situation is pretty low.

I stand up because, well, there’s a guy I don’t know pacing around behind me muttering about killing people, and I don’t want my back to this dude. This would be a really intense situation even if I wasn’t tripping balls, but the acid certainly doesn’t help.

Suddenly he pulls out a huge hunting knife, lunges at me, and tries to stab me. I dodged him, then he made another try but by that time his friends had jumped up and were holding him back. He’s struggling to break free and screaming “YOU THINK I’M A FUCKING SNITCH? I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!”, and I took the opportunity to bop right on out the door.


Talk about a bad trip. This dude must have been pretty wired to think Cindy from the Brady Bunch was talking to him. Absolutely mental behaviour. Turns out the guy was actually a snitch and the poster adds, “the whole house got raided a few weeks later. A bunch of the guys who lived there got arrested for drugs, although my friend had moved out by that point so luckily he wasn’t one of them.” He must have been pranging out so hard about being caught out as a snitch that he just went berserk under the influence of acid.


Scary stuff. The most disturbing of these has to be the random attacks from people who just want to kill someone. Many dangerous situations can be avoided by simply keeping your wits about you but these wrong place, wrong time attempted murders are the most frightening as they can happen to anyone. Stay safe people.

For more of the same, remember that terrifying home invasion that ended up in attempted murder last year? Still gives me the chills watching that.



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