Allison Road Is The Future Of The Survival Horror Gaming Genre

Allison Road

This could be the creepiest game of the year.

It’s been a while since an awesome survival horror game has been released on any format, and after Silent Hill was cancelled earlier the year after the demo looked absolutely sick, fans were up in arms that there might never be another game released in the genre.

Fortunately developer Cristian Kesler and his six man team have taken inspiration from said developer to create Allison Road – a sort of sequel to the demo that takes the best elements of the genre and makes them even better. Or at least it looks to judging on this 13 minute gameplay trailer which is creepy as hell.

In fact, it’s been so well received that Allison Road is already green lit and should be coming to PCs (PCs?!?!!?) in late 2016 via STEAM. So only about 18 months to wait, and I’ll probably have to buy a PC too in order to play it, great. Still, at least Kesler is trying to keep the genre going and has sworn to make it a game that he would want to play as a fan, so it looks like it might actually be worth the wait and expense.

Here’s hoping that Allison Road might reinvigorate the survival horror genre and be one of the best games ever made within it, although it might have some competition if Night Terrors – the fully immersive survival horror game for your iPhone which looks absolutely mind-blowing – ever manages to get funded and get released.

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