All You Can Eat Cheese Parties Are Coming To The UK

My kind of party.

I’m a big fan of cheese but I’m not sure just how much of it I could eat before I’m full or sick of it, but if you’re a bit more adventurous than me then maybe you want to check out these all you can eat cheese parties that are coming to the UK this summer.

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The events are set up by Homage2Fromage which describes itself as a monthly cheese club that takes place in various cities in the north. Over the summer the gang will visit Leeds, Sheffield, Harrogate and Manchester where guests will be invited to listen to speakers, get involved in cheese based games and eat as much cheese as they want. Sounds good, except maybe for the listening to people talk about cheese part – just gimme the goddamn cheese I don’t need to hear someone talk about it for ages.

Co founder Nick explained what the club was all about:

The aim of the club is to celebrate great cheese in an informal fun way – this is not about snobby cheese and wine tastings, it is about sharing one of the greatest foods ever, in a simple, relaxed way.

Homage2Fromage helps you discover new cheese, meet like-minded cheese fans and hear some of the amazing stories behind cheese and cheesemaking.

If you are passionate about cheese, curious about the many different kinds of cheese out there, how it’s made, where it comes from, who makes it, why something so simple can be so diverse, so versatile, so delicious – then this is the club for you.

Yeah again, just gimme the goddamn cheese and let me eat it.

Each event will have a particular theme and a whole bunch of accompaniments for the cheese like wine, pickles and crackers etc. Each event costs £15 and one thing that’s kinda neat about them is that the cheeses aren’t actually named until after you’ve tucked into them, so there’s no bias before you eat them which is way more fun when you’re trying new stuff. Like it a lot.

For more cheese, check out this study that has found out that eating cheese is the key to long life. No excuse not to go to these events then hey!


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