All Day Drinking Sessions Might Be Banned At UK Airports


One of the best things about going on holiday is checking in at the airport, dumping your luggage, going through security and then heading straight to the bar for a well deserved beer – notice I didn’t include uploading a picture of yourself onto social media at the end of that. That’s the great thing about airports though: it’s completely acceptable to start drinking no matter what time it is.

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Well, at least it was as a new study proposed by Home Office Minister Victoria Atkins looks like it might actually put an end to the practice. There were 417 reports of serious disruption on a flight last year and many of these were due to the drunk and disorderly behaviour of passengers and this has led the government to conduct a review of licensing laws in airports, with the aim that they won’t be able to serve alcohol until 10am. Sure, that isn’t going to affect a lot of people but it’s gonna be kinda a bummer when you catch your 8am flight to Rome and can’t have a beer to celebrate the fact that you’re on holiday.

UK Hospitality chief Kate Nicholls is against any new laws and said the following:

New legislation would be unnecessary and unfair and demonise pub goers who deserve the right to enjoy a drink when they go on holiday.

Most UK air passengers behave responsibly when flying, but any disruptive or drunk behaviour is entire unacceptable.

I mean you’ve gotta think that pretty much everyone in the country except airport and airplane staff is going to agree with her there haven’t you? In fairness, although 417 is a high number in % terms it’s probably actually pretty low, so if everyone can just cool down and not get so rowdy on their holidays then hopefully they’ll realise we can hold our liquor and won’t have to put this law into place.

Unfortunately, I don’t really see that happening – do you?

For more airport drinking, check out this story about a woman and a £120 bottle of Cognac in the airport. You can guess how that ends.


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