A ‘Time Traveler’ Claims 7-Foot Aliens Will Land On Earth On May 24, 2022 & Start A War



A self-proclaimed time traveler has predicted that 7-foot tall aliens will land on Earth on May 24, 2022, and immediately start an ”interdimensional war’ with the human race.

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TikTok user @Futuretimetraveller claims the aliens will have ‘long shaped skulls’, a ‘dark grey’ complexion and ‘distorted appearance’, so be on the lookout for those next year.

The text in the video claims:

Aliens will make their first appearance on Earth next year. The exact date they are first sighted is May 24th 2022.

From my time, there are many different aliens and they actually live on Earth as citizens in the future.

Although @futuretimetraveller completely ignored questions pertaining to the authenticity of his claims and demands for any type of evidence that he is who he says he is, he did tackle some FAQs from his TikTok followers…

One person posed the question: “Do we win the first Interdimensional War?”.

@futuretimetraveller replied: “No”

Another asked: “Are there superpowers in the future?”

Time traveller said: “Yes, you can rent them.”

Another asked: “What time and planet are you from?”

TT replied: “I am from the year 2491 and I was born on Saturn (I’m still human).”

Pretty poor form from @futuretimetraveller TBH. If he says we’re going to lose the first interdimensional war, why didn’t he come back to us sooner to give us more time to prepare? Then again there’s no way the aliens are showing up without doing their research and being sure of a W, so maybe that would just be putting off the inevitable. Maybe we can do that anyway by asking the aliens to quarantine upon their arrival?

Who knows, maybe they’ll even come in peace. Have a couple drinks, some alien banter, and then set up an alien vs human basketball game to end the Space Jam debate once and for all. Or maybe we should stop paying attention to people who claim to be time travelers on social media? I guess it goes to show how much we hope these rumours of an alien invasion are true. Bring it on!

Meanwhile, over in Jamaica for the summer, Chris Smalling & his wife reckon they saw a UFO that was ‘one billion per cent not a drone’. Gonna have to take their word for it.



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