WATCH: Two Dudes Scare The Living Crap Out Of Their Mate With Alien Abduction Prank

Alien Prank

He actually followed through.

We’ve seen our fair share of pranks here on Sick Chirpse over the years but this seriously could be one of the best yet. I know I say that on every post but I guess the bar just keeps on getting raised.

In this one a couple of buddies dress up as aliens and wake their friend up at 3:30AM to scare the absolute shit out of him, complete with spooky green lights and a smoke machine for the full effect. And it works to perfection as I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone sounds quite as pathetic as the guy in this video. I don’t know how I would react in a similar situation but I’d like to think I’d have a bit more about me than this guy in this video – he’s a serious pussy.

If only he had checked out these alien abductee experiences and portraits beforehand then he might have realised that their MO wasn’t exactly correct in this situation.


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