Algerian Player Breaks The Goal In Algeria V Togo

Algeria V Togo Broken Goal

The African Nations cup is definitely the dumbest of all the international tournaments and it’s moments like this that you really only ever see in it.

Algeria V Togo Broken Goal

This is completely stupid. I know it happened on Saturday but not that many people seem to know about it so I figured it was worth discussing here on Sick Chirpse as it’s pretty frickin’ jokes. I don’t know if anyone is following the African Nations cup but I always try and check out a bit of it because it’s literally SO DUMB. At least 50% of the players are terrible so there’s always loads of really stupid goals and really stupid stuff happening so it’s kind of funny to watch, but in terms of entertaining football it’s pretty diabolical compared to pretty much any other standard of televised football you can find.

And this incident that happened on Sunday kinda summed the whole tournament up. I don’t want to be racist or elitist or moneyist (sp?) but this really does kind of sum up the African Nations cup for me because it really is the turd of international tournaments in terms of the quality of everything involved in it, including the stadiums and facilities. Not only are the pitches terrible and look kind of like playing on the beach, but in the game between Togo and Algeria on Saturday the goal wasn’t even good enough for the game and had to be replaced halfway through the match after an Algerian player caused it to break. Yeah, that’s right – the goal was so shoddy that it actually got broken halfway through a match and had to be replaced. I don’t think I’ve heard of that happening ever in my 20+ years of watching football, even in previous African Nations cups. Unbelievable Jeff.

Basically it was nearing the end of the match, with Togo bating Algeria 1-0, a result that would send Togo through to the knockouts and Algeria crashing out of the tournament. In the 86th minute Algeria had a corner which was easily defended but for some reason Algeria player Adiene Guedioura felt a need to continue the run that he had made on the corner and fling himself into the back of the net. It was pretty obvious he wasn’t going to get anywhere near the ball so I don’t really know why he did that but yeah, he went for it. In any case, he probably didn’t expect the goal to break and hold up the game for 15 minutes so you can’t really blame him for that. I’ve seen players jump into the net etc and nothing like this has ever happened either and I hope it never happens again because it was real annoying and could have screwed the game up, especially when the referee screwed up the amount of injury time added on because of it.

The referee didn’t notice the goal had broken immediately and play continued for a minute or so before it was stopped to try and fix it. First, a bunch of guys tried leaning against the stanchion to get the goal upright but obviously this didn’t work – it’s like ridiculously obvious that that wasn’t going to work – and was a stupid idea so there was no other option but to replace the goal, which caused a 13 minute delay to the game. It’s a good thing that they remembered to include a spare goal with the stadium huh? Then, to make the whole matter even stupider the referee Hamada Namplandraza decided to play 16 minutes of injury time, which doesn’t make any sense at all however you look at it.

I mean it does make sense IN THEORY but not in reality AT ALL. I guess maybe he just has a problem with basic maths or didn’t realise or something, I guess this stuff probably isn’t in any referees handbook but they really should be able to figure out you would think? In any case the whole incident just makes the African Nations Cup seem even dumber and more backwards than it is, or maybe it just serves as an example of exactly WHY it’s so stupid and probably will continue to be seen as the turd of international tournaments for years to come.

Check out a video of the goal collapse here:

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