Alex Jones Went Ballistic At A Group Of Teenagers Enforcing COVID Rules At The Park

Alex Jones is doing great!

It’s been a while since we checked in with Alex Jones and it looks as though he’s still the same old lunatic ranting and raving about conspiracies and hoaxes and whatnot.

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Since reopening on August 8, the Barton Creek greenbelt in his native Austin, Texas, has required that people who want to visit the park from Thursday to Sunday make a reservation in an attempt to limit large gatherings and the spread of COVID-19.

Well Alex Jones, who is an anti masker (duh), was not having it whatsoever:

Lol. So it sounds like Alex Jones’s wife went to the park earlier that day but was turned away because she didn’t have a reservation, and so Alex Jones turned up to yell at a bunch of languid, millennial lifeguards about how the park is public land and requiring him to make a reservation there is messing with his freedom.

To be fair I agree with him that having to book a reservation at the park is ridiculous, no matter how well-intentioned. But showing up to scream at a bunch of baffled teenagers working minimum wage who probably have no idea who he is? Classic Alex Jones and hilariously so. Never change, Alex.

To watch another anti masker throw a tantrum inside a supermarket and have to be carried away by son, click HERE. How embarrassing.


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