This Woman’s Politician Husband Just Divorced Her Because She Posts Too Many NSFW Selfies


Ukrainian beauty Alena Politukha is currently going nuts at her Ukrainian politician ex-husband Aleksandr Politukha, after saying he left her and their young son with nothing and all because she was posting too many NSFW selfies online.

She actually claims he gave no explanation as to why he walked out on them, but was later told he was unhappy with all the attention and followers she was picking up online.

She says of people who criticise her selfie habit:

Why  is it so difficult for some people to make contact in a cultural, interesting and exciting way instead of simply criticising?

Indeed, Alena. Indeed. Sorry Aleksandr but if I was a politician and Alena was my wife I’d want her to be posting selfies all day every day. Need to let David Cameron and Ed Miliband know who’s got the hottest wife in parliament (not them).

Go through the slider to check out the photos that literally drove Aleksandr Politukha to divorce…


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