Wild Video: Alec Baldwin Denies Pulling Trigger In First Interview Since Rust Cinematographer Was Killed

That’s quite the claim.

Well how’s that for a plot twist? Alec Baldwin insists he never pulled the trigger despite holding the gun that fired and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his film Rust a few weeks back. He says the gun appeared to inexplicably fire on its own.

The trigger wasn’t pulled, I didn’t pull the trigger.

I would never point a gun at anyone at point a trigger at them, never.

Someone put a live bullet in the gun – a bullet that wasn’t even supposed to be on the property.

I mean… guns don’t just “go off”, do they? They’re literally engineered to not do so and if one is designed with even the slightest misfire issues it’s immediately recalled and fixed. Could be that Alec Baldwin is still in denial and shock over the whole thing, which is understandable. But it seems pretty bizarre to insist he never pulled the trigger.

Or maybe he knows full well he pulled the trigger and is just saying what he needs to say to salvage what’s left of his wreck of a reputation and career following this tragic incident. Just make himself out to be an innocent bystander who innocently picked up a gun that just happened to fire a bullet while he looked on innocently. It could’ve happened to anyone! He just had the pure misfortune of being the one to hold the prop gun that fired itself.

I’m not even trying to be a dick to Alec Baldwin either. The fact is that a woman is dead and that’s exactly why we need to treat everything that he says with skepticism. Not to say that he’s outright lying in this clip, but I am dubious about his claims. I guess we’ll get a better idea when the full interview airs. What a world we live in that this is even a real clip teasing an interview with the A-list actor who accidentally killed a woman a few weeks ago. “Tune in tomorrow” indeed. Well played, ABC News.


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