Aldi’s Foot Long Pigs In Blankets Are Finally On Sale This Week

Foot Long Pigs

You probably remember a month or so ago we told you that Aldi’s foot long pigs in blankets were going to be available in the run up to Christmas, but I’m sure that many of you thought that they were just a myth as they’ve taken so long to appeal in your local Aldi store.

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Fear not though, as of this Thursday December 6th you should be able to find them in every Aldi in the country – provided that they don’t sell out double quicktime, which is a serious possibility when it looks this good. The pigs will come in packs of two and set you back £2.99 for the privilege.

Foot Long Pigs

Apparently one of them can serve up to ten people but I’m finding it hard to believe that they can actually be that big. Even if they are, I imagine that a load of people out there will probably just be tucking into one themselves in the run up to Christmas, if not for their actual Christmas dinner if their family lets them get away with it. Who needs turkey?

If these pigs in blankets are sold out, why not check out what ASDA are offering? So many variations on the classic cuisine this year.


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