Aldi Is Now Selling A Yorkshire Pudding Burrito

Yorkshire Pudding Burrito

Feeds up to five.

There are a worrying amount of combination food items out there now – most of them seem to work and be a fairly obvious suggestion to team up, but I’m not sure that I can say that about this Yorkshire pudding burrito that Aldi are now selling.

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Aldi made the announcement yesterday that throughout the winter they will be selling the beef brisket burrito that you can see above for the price of £7.99. That might sound a bit steep for an Aldi burrito, but it’s apparently big enough to feed five people so probably justifies the price, just about.

As for the details, the beef brisket comes served in a mushroom sauce with a red wine and onion gravy sauce on the side. To be fair, it does look delicious – although I’m not sure whether one you bought from Aldi would actually end up looking like that itself.

Yorkshire Puddings

I’m also confused as to how you would eat it if it serves five people – surely you can’t use a knife and fork but if it’s divided into five parts then you wouldn’t be able to pick it up and eat it like a regular burrito, surely? Worrying. Still gonna try it though.

For more Yorkshire puddings, check out this Yorkshire pudding burger. Can’t get enough of the things right now.


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