Aldi Is Selling A 4 Person Hot Tub For Just £350

That is a bargain.

The clocks went back over the weekend and we got a whole bunch of beautiful weather, so naturally talk all over the country has started revolving around all the BBQs we’re going to be attending this summer. Or even Easter if we’re lucky!

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So of course, what would be the best addition to a BBQ party this summer that you could think of? Yep, it’s a hot tub and Aldi have decided to help us out by putting one on the market that’s actually pretty affordable. Sure, it’s for four people but you only really need to have four people to have a real fun time don’t you? And if you’ve got a few more maybe one of them can go and sort out the BBQ or something. I mean it’s your hot tub isn’t it?

The hot tub will set you back £350, but that’s a pretty good price when you think that you’re actually buying a hot tub. Here’s the product description in case you need any more convincing:

Fitting up to four people this Spa Pool will make the perfect addition to your back garden. Ideal for when you’re entertaining or looking to relax in the evening; just jump in your inflatable hot tub, lay back, let the world and your troubles melt away.

Features of the Intex Inflatable Hot Tub include a heater, circulation pump, integrated lime scale protection system and a lockable insulating cover to aid security and keep heating costs to a minimum.

I mean that does sound pretty dope for £350 doesn’t it? Unfortunately – or perhaps fortunately – the hot tub isn’t available in store and you’ll have to pick it up online and delivered straight to your house. Realistically you could have it set up and ready to go for your BBQ this weekend, that everyone will remember as the first BBQ of the season and the best because there was a hot tub. What are you waiting for?

For more hot tubs, check out this budget pool from Asda. Why not get them both?


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