Alan Sugar Is Getting Rinsed For Another Embarrassing Twitter Gaffe

Jesus Christ this is bad.

Here’s something a bit more lighthearted on a day that has been filled with depressing stories, as Alan Sugar has once again emerged from the shadows to make an absolute fool of himself on Twitter for everyone to laugh at him.

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Alan was commenting on a curious meme he came across somewhere on the internet that claimed that the year 2020 was a special case, as if everyone added the age they turned this year to the year that they were born then it would be equal to 2020 and this was the only year that this would happen in for 1000 years. For some reason, Alan was taken in by the tweet and decided to share it with all his followers, only to be roundly dissed by all of them as well.

If you can’t figure out why, a couple of people explain it in the mentions for you:

Lol. I mean I suppose you have to say fair play to him for owning it and not deleting it straight away, but you really have gotta wonder what’s going on in his brain when he keeps constantly sharing dumb shit like this and ancient opinions. Seems like the dude is going senile, but I guess he’s so full of himself that nobody around him will dare say anything of the sort to him. What a way to live.

For more of the same, check Sugar out sharing some fake news less than a month ago. Guy needs to do better.


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