Akon Is So Terrified Of The Ebola Virus He Performed Inside A Giant Bubble In Africa

Ebola is no joke and Akon knows it.

Akon performed in a large outdoor space near an airport in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo this week, where over 60,000 free tickets were given out to help promote and support the UN’s International Day of Peace.

Akon was happy to be involved but wasn’t going to risk coming into contact with the dreaded ebola virus, and so jumped inside this giant protective bubble and turned himself into an African dragonball every time he left the stage:

akon ebola 1

akon ebola 2

akon 3

Pretty smart.

If you want to know what happens to you physically when you contract ebola, check out the end of this article.

P.S. Iggy Azalea may want to take similar precautions to prevent her fans fingering her when she crowdsurfs.


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