Insane Airplane Brawl Breaks Out Between Passengers Over Reclining Seat

People are still learning how to fly again in a post-pandemic world.

In the post-pandemic aviation world, people are still re-learning how to behave both when waiting to board flights and when 30,000 feet up in the air, as evidenced by the ridiculous number of airport/plane flight videos we’ve shared in recent weeks.

Today, we’ve got a fight breaking out on an American Airlines flight from New Orleans to Austin, which, according to KXAN, was “over a seat that couldn’t unrecline”:

Welp, at least it was over a seat this time and not over someone wearing or not wearing a mask, or the flight being overbooked, or one of the many other dumb reasons we’ve had for airplane fights in recent times. Did they at least manage to knock the seat back into an upright position while beating each other up?

In fairness, someone hitting that recline button and taking up all the space in front of you is enough to turn even the most mild-mannered plane passenger into a raging psychopath. Especially if they then tell you the seat won’t unrecline when you complain about it. I mean there’s no way you’d believe they were telling the truth, right? Very annoying, even on a trip as short as New Orleans to Austin.

Yeah it may only be 1h 31m but that feels a hell of a lot longer when you’ve got some rude bastard in front of you reclining their seat all the way into your lap, and then pretending like the seat won’t unrecline. Pretty shocking no one was murdered, come to think of it.

Just yesterday, we shared a video of a flight crew having to DUCT TAPE a passenger into his seat because he was causing so much chaos. What a time to be alive.


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